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The Art of the Hustle: BL-NK WORLD

Event Description

As a growing contributor to the creative community, BL_NK WORLD has always sought to find new ways of amplifying the voices of the artists within it. So much of the conversation surrounding art focuses heavily on the consumption of it, whether through private dealings or gallery sales, while neglecting the vital knowledge needed to help the creators capitalize on their momentum. The revolving door of talent that’s “here today and gone tomorrow” stretches across all mediums, providing nothing in terms of long-lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships between those providing amazing work and those helping to sell it. Moreover, this lack of know-how creates a culture of dependency within the artistic community, which often dilutes the image of extraordinary talent that would have otherwise been acknowledged had they understood that individualized success equates to more fruitful, collaborative successes.

This said, BL_NK WORLD is collaborating with No Kings Collective’s by holding a conference called “The Art of the Hustle” at Lab 1270 on June 2nd, 2016. Our aim is to cultivate an interview-style discussion with creative entrepreneurs currently finding success within their respective fields. Throughout the discussion, presented in front of a live audience, a BL_NK WORLD host and the selected speakers will engage the audience by breaking down what it means to be self made, what it takes to overcome hardships, how to build meaningful relationships, and how to gradually master the art of hustling. In doing so, we will be creating a pivotal step forward towards providing a formula that can help up-and-coming creative minds solidify their stance and contribution to our community.